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Residual Ozone Destruction For Ozone Water Treatment

Ozone gas is highly oxidizing. In addition to causing damage to certain items, ozone gas will also pollute the environment, stimulate the human respiratory system, and be harmful to human health. Therefore, the ozone index in the air is restricted at home and abroad. The government has stipulated that the concentration of ozone in the air must not exceed 0.2ppm in the workplace and 0.15ppm in the living place.

When using ozone to treat various types of water, such as drinking water, swimming pool water, and sewage, no matter which gas-liquid contact device is used, more than 80% of the ozone gas will escape from the water and become ozone tail gas. If this part of ozone is directly discharged into the atmosphere or left indoors, it will cause environmental pollution. In the above cases, the ozone tail gas needs to be treated with an ozone destroyer, so that these residual ozone gases are immediately decomposed and then discharged into the atmosphere.

In addition, ozone catalytic decomposition can also be applied to nuclear energy, radio and supersonic passenger aircraft, high-class cabins, photocopiers, etc.