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GOOTEK is an advanced supplier of environmental catalysts, for emission air treatment and breathable air purification. GOOTEK research and manufacture air catalysts for about 20 years. Our technical team brings together high-end talents such as professors and doctors from top universities in China. We use international leading technology and materials to create original processes and products such as the catalytic purification of VOCs and the catalytic elimination of ozone.

GOOTEK has a full set of catalyst performance analyzer, universal compressive strength of digital engineering ceramic testing strength testing machine, instrument, digital display instrument, the plasticity of gas chromatograph, rapid moisture determination experiment instrument and other advanced test equipment.

We focus on offering superior technology and resources to ensure reliable performance at the lowest cost to our customers. As a result, innovation is a culture at GOOTEK, and we have introduced many kinds of Environment protection catalyst products to meet the growing needs from our customers.